A Personal Note from the Founder of UNGUENTARII™

Michael, Unguentarii Founder

The essence of UNGUENTARII™ extends from an ancient and pure aromatic tradition. For centuries in ancient Rome, the unguentarii were the perfumers and herbalists; they prepared aromatic exfoliants and scented oils used for bathing as well as the perfumes of the times.

While many of their methods have been greatly improved upon in today’s world, some of their simpler processes are still used in exactly the same way today as two thousand years ago.

As an organic perfumer and accredited Master Herbalist, it is an honor to have been inspired to found and steward the UNGUENTARII™ brand, and to create an all-natural and organic product offering of classic aromatic preparations that I believe live up to the legacy of their namesake.

UNGUENTARII™ products are an expression of the pure joy I derive from creating finely crafted, all-natural aromatics, and I hope those who use the products feel the same way about them as I do.

The company will always remain true to its directive for purity and natural aromatics… offering the highest quality products and growing the brand at a naturally healthy, organic pace.

Our mission is to offer artisan quality alternatives to “fake” natural ingredients and synthetic scents, by creating classically inspired, innovative, all-natural, ethically-derived, hand-crafted products using natural and organic raw materials and pure aromatics.

As the company grows, I hope you are with us for the journey.

Michael Thompson, MH
Founder & Executive Manager