The UNGUENTARII Investment

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What is the UNGUENTARII investment? What does it mean to you, our customer?

At UNGUENTARII, we have invested much more into the business, particularly investing in much larger quantities of raw materials and aromatics so that we could effectively offer the same high-quality products at better prices.

As a result, our products are now generally about 30% lower in price than when originally formulated… and our new prices on the shelf reflect those changes.

Along with the products we had before, we’ve also added:

  • Over 80 kinds of 100% pure essential oils in packaged and bulk sizes.
  • Pure aromatic resin incenses and incense burners.
  • Top quality essential oil nebulizing diffusers.
  • Prepackaged gift sets for bath bombs and holiday gift packaging for our luxury soy candles.

Our investment is in YOU. We want you, the customer, to experience 100% pure, high-quality essential oils, incenses, and affordable aromatic personal care products to better your world. We wish that our investment makes these products more accessible to everyone, everywhere, at reasonable prices.

We hope you think so too!

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