Goals & Member Benefits

We have set Goals and selected strategic Operational Choices that will help to meet those goals, while keeping everything as simple as possible.

GOALS of UNGUENTARII™ for Member Benefits

1. To create a platform that supports those who need or desire to be able to safely and affordably obtain essential oils and all-natural aromatherapy products made with high percentages of organic materials whenever possible.

2. To make Premium Membership fees reasonable enough that all Members can derive benefit, since some Members will buy more product than others… while at the same time acknowledging that the terms of membership and fees must be sufficient to cover exchange operations and monthly overhead expenses.

3. To offer an increasingly wider range of essential oils and aromatherapy bodycare products that are of interest our customers at a substantial discount from standard retail.

4. To continually source and procure high-quality items in product categories that will be desirable for our customers at 20% to 50% discounts from standard retail:

  • Essential Oils (50%)
  • Aromatherapy Bodycare (40%)
  • Organic Soaps (35%)
  • Bulk Essential Oils & Materials (20–40%)
  • and more…

These are some of the stated, envisioned, official goals of UNGUENTARII™, some of which will require time and continual progress towards them until they are more fully attained.


These are the initial strategic choices that we have made in order to keep operating costs, and material prices, as low as possible so that we can achieve our marketplace goals for all customers.

1. To have seamless operations between our website and all retail stores for UNGUENTARII™, so customers and premium members can receive the same great service regardless of geographical location.

2. We will utilize the discount rates we acquire over time on shipping and only charge actual real-time shipping costs at cost. This will help reduce shipping costs on orders as the company does more shipping through preferred carriers.

3. We will use only Open-Source platforms such as WordPress and will support those who make components for open-source systems. We will not engage in expensive, high cost, proprietary systems to run UNGUENTARII™.

4. Transparent Policies: UNGUENTARII™ Product Guarantees, Shipping & Return Policies are explicitly stated.

This saves thousands in annual operating expenses, which will be passed onto you. The open-source programming is simpler to maintain, to upgrade, and to support… not to mention usually much more logical.