What Is a Discovery Session?

It is a great way to have a private video consult with our artisan perfumer to discover some new and unique aromas to cultivate aromatic sanctuary in your life!

We simply chat, explore what kinds of scents you normally like, and help you find some amazing curated essences that you may have never encountered before.

This allows you to ask questions about the items we offer, get to know our artisan perfumer, and get recommendations for samples to try to see how you like them and find new things that you love!

We are a small, hand-crafted, artisanal brand. We love connecting with new lovers of artisanal aromatics and we really appreciate the opportunity to interact more meaningfully with our online patrons.

NOTE: Please create an online account and log in before your Discovery Session, so that everything functions smoothly for your session.

We look forward to seeing you soon!