The Earth Laughs in Flowers!

No, I can't take credit for the title... it's my favorite quote from one of my favorite authors. Ralph Waldo Emerson. And, I couldn't have said it better myself (although goodness knows I've tried).

Artisan perfumers are more often inspired by ideas than anything else. I often find myself holding multiple abstract ideas while exploring essences and how they combine, to feel when they come into alignment.

When I was working to create a floral blend with just the right balance, not weak but not overbearing, sweet but not cloying, fresh without that fake over-perfumed powdery scent, it was this quotation that guided my inspiration. I named the scent Blossoms because that's how it makes you feel.
Our Blossoms is a soliflore of the richest magnolia blossoms from Asia... an infusion of pure floral magnificence to create a quintessential aroma.

Blossoms started out only to become a special perfume, but it has such a perfect floral scent that I had to make a diffusion blend and infuse it into our lotion, body wash, candles, and more.

If you love floral scents that smell like real flowers, and not the fake synthetic floral fragrances you find in most places, you will love Blossoms!

Feel the joy of the earth laughing through flowers and let yourself bloom. Try Blossoms today!

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