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All-natural, thick and luscious, castile-based moisturizing bodywashes infused with pure aromatic blends.

Body Polishes

Our all-natural emulsified body polishes made with organic oils, pure aromatics and exfoliants for silky-smooth skin!

Face Cleansers & Masks

Hand & Body Lotions

All-natural, shea butter-based moisturizing aromatic lotions. Luxuriously rich, non-greasy, 88% organic ingredients!


Our pure hydrosols from the steam distillation of aromatic plants, used as natural facial toners.

Massage & Body Oils

Our hydrating massage and body oils infused with pure aromatic blends, made with 96% organics.

Shampoos & Conditioners

Natural, highly nutritive, 73-74% organic shampoos and conditioners. Leaves hair clean, lustrous and non-oily!

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