Happy Holidays from UNGUENTARII

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The new UNGUENTARII™ store in downtown Ashtabula, Ohio wishes everyone Happy Holiday Season and the best for the coming new year! We made a short holiday video of the store with my favorite holiday song: Carol of the Bells. We hope you enjoy it! If you are in the area, please stop in to experience the fine aromas of our …

Frankincense & Myrrh Resin Incense

Frankincense & Myrrh: Gifts of the Magi

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Frankincense (Boswellia serrata) and Myrrh (Commiphora myrrha) are gum resins that are extracted from shrub-like trees in the Burseraceae family, which grow in dry climates across parts of Asia and Africa. They are extremely fragrant when burned, with frankincense giving off a sweet, citrusy scent and myrrh producing a piney, bitter odor. Combined together, these scents are often considered reminiscent …


Free Curbside Pickup at UNGUENTARII

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Can you believe it is holiday shopping week already?! Thanksgiving is here, and so is Black Friday. At UNGUENTARII, we offer free curbside pickup for all of your local online orders*. And, we always have your safety and product sanitization in mind. Free curbside pickup of your online order means less personal contact due to COVID-related health concerns and saves …

Unguentarii Memberships


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Something else that is new to UNGUENTARII besides all the great new products we’ve added is the introduction to our Premium Membership option for buying the same great products at a discount from our already great new prices. We know this option is not for everyone, but for those who feel that the savings they receive in exchange for a …

Unguentarii Gifts & Luxury Soy Candles


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We make gift giving easy at UNGUENTARII. All of our products are perfect for any type of gift giving, and this holiday season we have a few additional options for pre-packaged holiday gift sets. We will be offering gift sets for our very popular moisturizing bath bombs. Gift sets come in 4-packs of single scents and assortment packs. These gift …

Unguentarii Bulk Essential Oils

Bulk Essential Oils for Hobby Crafting and Brand Owners

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Do you love experimenting with the scents of essential oils, making your own custom soaps or candles at home? Are you looking for a creative DIY holiday gift project leaving your friends and family asking for more, and your home smelling like pure joy? Or, maybe your dream has always been starting your own retail line of soaps and body …


The UNGUENTARII Investment

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What is the UNGUENTARII investment? What does it mean to you, our customer? At UNGUENTARII, we have invested much more into the business, particularly investing in much larger quantities of raw materials and aromatics so that we could effectively offer the same high-quality products at better prices. As a result, our products are now generally about 30% lower in price …

Unguentarii Customer Safety

At UNGUENTARII Your Safety is Our Priority

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Some might say opening (or reopening, in our case) a store front in October 2020, in the middle of a global pandemic, is quite a large task. We agree. At UNGUENTARII, we have taken every precaution with customer safety in mind. A visit to UNGUENTARII will be your sanctuary space of safety, calm and sensory pleasure. For in-store customer safety, …

Unguentarii lavender

UNGUENTARII Store: Official Reopening!

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We are pleased to officially announce the reopening of UNGUENTARII No. 1 in a new location on Main Avenue in downtown Ashtabula, Ohio on Friday, October 23, 2020. We have many great new products including a very wide selection of 100% pure essential oils, resin incenses including Frankincense and Myrrh from the ancient world, as well as incensors and nebulizing …

Unguentarii 2018 Winter Holiday Windows

UNGUENTARII 2018 Winter Holiday Display

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Just a quick post to let the local UNGUENTARII store customers know the store is all festive for the holiday season! We’ve made a lot of changes inside the store this season. Stop by and see! In addition to making all kinds of candles (at least 16 different scents) we also now have UNGUENTARII Gift Cards that work with our …